Best Android New Game 2015

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After talking about Packet Sniffer Android now i want to talk about New Android Game. For those who feel you are a real gamers, be sure that you try a list of new games released recently in this new year 2015. There are a list of game to download at free in the Play Store. They are not only interesting but also challenging. Some of them even are created with HD quality to fulfill the consumer’s need. While either are focused on 3D effect of Android game. It is up to you to choose what’s best Android new game 2015 you want, ranging from action, fight, tricky game etc.

WWE Immortals

The first best Android new game 2015 is WWE immortals. You will be regret if you don’t download this game. It is a type of game that combines the cheer of Warner Bros' and the madness of WWE with fighting game Injustice. Be ready to get a high-octane insanity macho tornado.

In fact, it comes from 2D fighting game but over the time, it was rendered in 3D effect, presents the iconic stronger wrestlers like the Undertaker , Triple H, superpowers, Hulk Hogan so on. Enter the wrestling ring and doing fight 3 on 3 brutal battle arenas for challenging games. It would be the best Android game 2015 that focus on wrestling theme.

Best Android New Game 2015


The next Android new game 2015 called Limbo. It is a horrible and challenging game you can play. Limbo includes as a 2D game that is able to overwhelming with the good atmosphere. We challenge you to play this unique game through your Smartphone headphone so tell us it would not influence your self, gamers!. You will be a player as a young boy to look for his sister in a nightmarish netherworld. Although this game is available only in 3D but the effect of visual and audio is good enough. Try using your headphone and enjoy the game.

Limbo uses a dark monochromatic platform which has been developed at first on PC version and now it is available in a console since 2010 and now you can enjoy the dark game for your Android device. Enjoy it!

Ambition of the Slimes

Lastly as the best Android new game 2015, we have an Ambition of the slimes. This game is inspired by a Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, there is none know the ways the strange creatures cut through on your ruthless quest. You work to control abundant slimes as they seek to defend themselves against the humans who appeared suddenly.

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