Graphics Performance: Knowing It and Maximize the Performance

To know the performance of your computer or laptop, you can directly go to graphics performance option. All computers with all processors have this graphic. The location of the graphic may be differing from each other. Those computers placed the graphic in the control panel menu. You can easily monitoring your computer processing whether it is running slowly or fast. If you open many windows, the process will be slower. However if you just open little windows and tasks, their work may be faster.

Powerful Processor Will Show Good Graphics Performance

The performances of your computer also depend on the processor of your computer. The higher processor inside your computer, the performance of your computer is better. You can do many tasks at once with adequate speed in your computer. The weakest processor of a computer is Celeron. This processor can be said well at the time it is introduced to the public. The graphics performance of it is not too bad for old computer. In this highly advanced era, using that processor will make your job done slowly also game like The Aurora World Indonesia.

We know that after Celeron, there is core system in naming the Pentium such as Pentium one, Pentium two, etc. After that there is processor system such as the core duo, core to duo, etc. Now we can see the i3, i5 and i7 Pentium easily. The work of it is better than precede processor version. It can also show good graphics performance when we use our computer for multitasking. There will not any un-responding message in your computer.

Graphics Performance

Step To Know Graphics Performance

Graphics performance check can be done every day. You just have to go straight to the control panel button in your windows explorer menu and then you have to select System and Security button the last click system button. Here you will know the system and RAM in your computer. To see the graphics performance test, look at the left corner of the box and then click performance information and tools. Though the table you can easy read the graphics performance of your computer.

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