History of the Gas Stove

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Gas Stove

Gas stove use propane, butane, natural gas and liquified petroleum gas as the source of fuel for cooking food. The first gas stove was developed around the early 1820s, with the first patented gas stove was patented by James Sharp in Northampton, England around the mid 1820s. Even though the first gas stove factory was build in 1851, it wasn’t until the 1880s that this form of cooking became popular in every home. The main delay in the popularity of the first gas kitchen stoves was the slow growth the the gas pipeline networks needed to run the fuel into homes. The first stoves were made of a heavy enamel in order for easy cleanup, the gas stove tops had four burners and were ignited by lighting the pilot light under the gas stove top.

Gas Stove

Modern times and technology have seen the development of the gas stove go from the first large, heavy, enamel appliance that had to be downsized in order to fit in a home kitchen to electric stoves now used in every home. Many today prefer to use electric, but there are still those who prefer to used the traditional gas stove and propane gas stove. For those who enjoy camping and spending their free time outdoors, there is the portable gas stove. This little stove comes in handy when camping is something that is done a lot. The gas camping stove can be easily loaded up, has its own refillable tank for fuel, and cooks food just as well as a stove in the kitchen.

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Gas stoves aren’t just for cooking anymore. There are now gas heating stoves for the home. Some are designed to for heating just one small area or room, while others are designed to heat a whole home. The direct vent gas stove is a great way to have the warmth and coziness of a fireplace in a room without the mess of storing wood and cleaning ashes. The pot belly stove, a modern version of an antique gas stove, is made of cast iron and was once used as a way to heat the home and a place to cook the families meals on. The design of the pot belly stove is over a hundred years old and used by some today as an item of decor for show, while others use them as a fuel efficient way to heat a small room.

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