Kitchen Islands Add Extra Counter Space

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A well designed kitchen will have a kitchen islands in the center of the room, this is a must for those who enjoy spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking. Kitchen islands serve several purposes. For instance they add counter space for additional work area, this comes in handy especially when making large meals or planning a party of some type. When building a new home there are many who want a custom kitchen island included in the design of their new kitchen.

Some kitchen island ideas include the plan for additional workspace, but they also want to be able to set stools up to the counter and use this as an area for eating quick meals. A kitchen island bar is a great place for the kids to eat breakfast before school or a snack after school. When you think about it this is actually a kitchen island table, it is like having a spare table in the kitchen. Most feel that they can only have a kitchen island is one is built in the same time as the home is built. This is so not true.

For those who own a home that was built without an island kitchen, they don’t have to give up on the idea of having this added work space. There are stand alone kitchen carts and islands that are just the right size to provide the added counter top work space and the one main advantage of this type of kitchen island cart is that it can be purchased in a size that won’t take up a lot of extra space in a small kitchen, and they normally come on wheels so they can be rolled to the side, out of the way, until needed again.

Kitchen Islands

There are a wide variety of kitchen island designs on the market today to choose from. The newer kitchen island furniture includes features such as wheels so the island can be wheeled into an area where extra workspace is needed, or stored in a corner, out of the way until needed again. They also come with granite or butcher block counter tops. Anyone can create a kitchen island design of their dreams.

Kitchen islands are also designed to match the designs of kitchens, some styles include, Contemporary, Traditional, and French Country among others. They are often made with natural woods such as Poplar, Red Oak and Maple. They can even be custom built to match your existing counter top.

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