Lamborghini Reventon

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The brand new, super-exotic Lamborghini Reventon has been unveiled at the press conference at the 2007 IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt, a completely different car than the Mucilage LP640 is based on, but it is still a wild bull. The official press release revealed all the details, but some details are this, a modified no less than 650 hp for a total displacement of 6.5 liters LP640 engine, except that the engine is almost the only element of the car base that has 't been modified or replaced during the creation of the impressive Reventón.

The Lamborghini Reventon marks another milestone in the history of Automobile Lamborghini SpA since its founding over 40 years ago, this will the most expensive car in history for leaving doors in Sant'Agata. With a list price worldwide for a cool 1 million Euros (excluding taxes) and an output of more than 20 units. With a completely new dashboard treatment and incredible seats, this is a Lamborghini Reventon that is meant to be enjoyed on the road, as a side note, the entire dashboard is machined from a solid piece of aluminum.

Go to exterior design of Lamborghini Reventon is different, very angular and wide, using a vast collection of angles and tracks design, wide rear fenders are amazing, are innovative headlights and taillights groups are made up of three sets special heat resistant to cope with the heat of the central mount, LED tube massive escape. A source close to the concept car shows look the wheel arches are somewhat angular now, not round like the original Mucilage LP640, but still totally different, however. The triangular design of the front spoiler and the hood is taken all the way back to the engine cover and rear section. Also, note that the engine cover again finished with 'glass blades to give everyone a look at the heart of the car. Another detail style, special fuel filler is made from a single piece of aluminum. Another detail showing an impressive workmanship that go into each of the 20 cars that will be built and delivered to their lucky owners for 2008. Which really is not bright, but because of the subtle addition of metallic flakes in the paint give an invisible brightness when parked in the sun.

If you were under the impression that the LP640 sitting in the nice wheels, the Lamborghini Reventon takes it to the next level, black rims have a high gloss finish, and each has a special five-spoke carbon fiber fin attached to it, to create a look turbine jet and in the mean time create additional cooling for standard ceramic discs.

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