Modern Fur Pieces You Can Afford That Work For Every Season

There are few fashion garments that have stood the test of time for decades and continue to hold court as incredible style pieces. Timeless fashion exists in fur and always will. The beauty of fur lies not only in its impressive appeal but in its variety, quality, long lasting material and its incredible evolution every fashion season.

Check any major runway during fashion week around the world in the cities of Paris, Milan, London and New York City, and you will see fur garments and fur accessories take center stage.

Many women absolutely love it but don't believe they could seriously own a fur piece because of its price tag. Today, the modern appeal of fur is a small and wise investment, and wonderful choices in a fur gilet and/or fur poncho are affordable. These beautiful garments are classics, look gorgeous dressed up or casual chic and are season-less in versatility.

Stylish celebrities around the world enjoy hitting the street in a cozy warm fur gilet because the lightweight garment adds instant polish and lovely texture to an ensemble. Alexa Chung, Kim Kardashian West, Pippa Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Kristin Cavallari, Olivia Palermo and Elizabeth Hurley are just a few of the trendsetters rocking the look.

A fur gilet in soft, fluffy fur can add uber sophistication to jeans or a glam edge to girlie frocks. These toasty gilets come in short and longer lengths as well as hooded designs, and talk about elegance. Consider a fur gilet in soft fox or coney that feels so amazing to touch and put on. Handsome colors like Silver, Chocolate Brown, Pink, Navy, White, Black or Mocha look so gorgeous against every skin tone. Just this piece in your wardrobe automatically amps up your fashion factor.

The fur poncho is another affordable way to inspire a playful and sassy attitude to modern clothing. It's an unfussy garment that works all season long when there's a little chill in the air. Choose from elegant pieces adorned with pom poms or without, and you will see how versatile the poncho can be. It's simply marvelous over a dress or hanging out in a tee and jeans.

The fur poncho comes in classic Coney fur in luscious shades like Dark Pink, Natural Grey, Chocolate, Light Purple and others. This piece can travel anywhere you happen to go, and like the gilet, the poncho is a fab addition to your closet and favorite of stars around the world.

If you're hesitant to buy good, solid fashion pieces that might go out of style and sit hanging in a closet, don't worry. Fur is in a category of its own; it doesn't depreciate and when properly cared for, lives on for decades.

Isn't it time you amped up your style game, ladies?

Fur is here and will return again next season. You can bet on it.

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