New Vixion Facelift, Does It Succeed?

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New Vixion Facelift - It can’t be helped, but to win the competition among super cool competitors that deliver adorable motorcycle performance, Yamaha manufacture should do something toward its old Vixion. Not to mention, but compared to the other rivals, the ugly duckling must be soon to be a swan. For that matter, perhaps the rumor about new Vixion facelift can be found out from site to site on net. However, is it that kind facelift treatment true? Luckily, that matter is confirmed-- and if you curious about the appearance of the brand new Vixion, you may easily find out its image on web, however, before going somewhere, if you expect some information about new Vixion, you need to stay here a bit longer.

The Facelift, Is It Worked?

The result perhaps similar to human, since when the facelift treatment can’t be done properly-- the disaster will waiting you in the corner. Nevertheless, what do you think about new Vixion facelift? Is it the facelift freshen the appearance of the new Vixion? Based on many people that already see the look of the facelift, most of them will nod that this Vixion looks more attractive compared to its predecessor. More, when it comes to color choice, there some distinctive colors that available for you to choose.

New Vixion Facelift, Does It Succeed?

The Engine for New Vixion

Okay, there is a new Vixion facelift, however, how about the engine? Unfortunately, the upgrade only occurred solely for the appearance of this new Vixion, since the engine remains the same. The power that run this horse of steel is something like four-stroke 150 cc engine even so, you still are capable to experience the road in style and in comfort with new Yamaha Vixion. Therefore, don’t be that gloom when you find out that nothing new when it comes to this horse of steel engine.

The Price for New Vixion

Cannot wait to ride this motorcycle around the road? Hold on, you need to prepare your money first to bring this new Vixion facelift out without hassle from its dealer. When you pick this stunning motorcycle in IDR then the price is around Rp. 18.000.000, or, when it comes to USD then you need to pay about $1,407.55. Finally, what do you think about this fascinating motorcycle, do you think this one is capable to answer the expectation of auto enthusiast? And more, will the new Vixion can take its domination once more?

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