Retina Detector Protect Your Precious from Unwanted Event

Retina detector is used proceed in government purpose. That tool is integrated in the security system, protecting document, or many system in government. Just people who have power and authority can open and closed the system. This tool firstly used by FBI agency, and also NASA and CIA. After we face our retina in the space provided, system will quickly know who we are and the data of us. The data is accurate and cannot be manipulated. So, if there is an intruder enters to the system, the symptoms will easily determine.

Retina detector is used by many people recently. It can be used for many purposes. You can make your retina as a key of locking or opening your safe deposit box. If you apply this method, you can easily open and close your safe box deposit. Common safe deposit box may use key to open or close it. Sometime thief can manipulate the key by using certain tools. This will make you doubting when you leave your home. Using retina as the key of that tool is believed more secure rather than usual key.

Retina Detector Protect Your Precious from Unwanted Event

The Superiority of Retina Detector

The data is gained from retina detector mostly valid. The accuracy its work is very awful. The data will be fast gained. The other person will not able to make the artificial retina to open the lock. The people who have similar pattern retina cannot open it. It just is able to open by one person.

The Shortcoming of Retina Detector

Your precious things will be secure if you integrate eye detector in your safe box deposit. All people will not able to open it except they ask you to open it. The use of iris detector is very beneficial, but you have to pay expensive cost to have it. If you want to open the key or system, your eyes should close to the optics of the camera. Unluckily, long term using retina detector will lead your eyes to be cataract.

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