Toyota Corolla 2015 for Convenience Driving Experience

If you looking for a reliable sedan that is able to bring you somewhere around the town, think about Toyota Corolla 2015. This 2015 model of Toyota Corolla even though there is nothing like major change when it comes to its outside appearance, but still, you can drive the sedan in confident, at least its outside design looks better compared to the previous version. When you ask about something that you may find from this 2015 sedan model from Toyota, you need to look inside the cabin, there you will find out the answer.

Toyota Corolla Interior

What’s makingToyota Corolla 2015 from its outgoing model? Three words, its interior design. You can confirm yourself when you enter the cabin since, inside you will notice two things-- the material that build the interior design and the technology feature. For those who hesitate to drive 2015 Corolla home because of its lame and cheap look material, from now on all that thing is gone. The updated material that is installed inside brings such classy and luxury feel. Furthermore, with the addition of technology feature such as the enhancement of audio and infotainment system, you will just love the idea about having this sedan inside your garage.

Toyota Corolla 2015 for Convenience Driving Experience

Then, How about Its Exterior?

Even though the major thing occurred inside, but don’t you think there is nothing happened outside? First, let talk about the available color choice for Toyota Corolla 2015-- when it comes to it, the color is divided by two sides, the lighter and the darker, some say, this Corolla looks better in darker color, so that trying to pick something darker first can be a good idea if you are so demanding toward appearance, but, everyone preference is different-- thus, don’t think about it too much. Second, the folded design of Corolla 2015 is one from many thing that build the handsomeness of this compact car.

Toyota Corolla Engine

Depending on what trim of Toyota Corolla 2015 that you opt, there are two engines options available, they are a four-cylinder 1.8L engine which is capable to produce 132 horsepower, and 1.8L I-4 eco version which boost about 140 horsepower. Then, what engine to choose? If you love something with good speed but also fuel efficient that opt for the eco version, but if you expect something only fuel efficient without thinking too much about the speed then the basic version is what you need. However, for the price tag you need to pay about $17,750 for the base model or $24,000 for the higher trim.

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