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Pointer to Help You Get Through the Passing on of a Loved One

Each one of us will definitely experience or undergo grief in our families. It is guaranteed. Death is a part of life and is a subject that strikes our minds, but we try as hard as we can to avoid it. Some may reason that we are afraid of death.

Find below some pointers that people who are grieving might use to cope up with their grief and loss. She says that these ways mentioned above helped her in moving on after the passing on of her loved one.

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We are all different beings with different personalities on how we handle the loss of a loved one. Ami Shroyer writes in her songs of the significance of crying to deal with the pain of losing a loved one. This will go a long way in reducing the pain you are going through.
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Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

It does help to be with your family after the death of a dear one because you get to reminisce your loved ones and the good times you had before he or she passed on.

Get Preoccupied

Preoccupy your mind with something. Don't keep dwelling on your loss. It doesn't solve anything to neglect your other duties because of the loss you are facing.

Find an Activity to Express Your Grief

Apart from crying, express your grief by channelling your pain through creative activities. For instance, Ami Shroyer started creating beautiful songs that helped her get over the loss of her loved one. You should also find some way of expressing your grief so that you move on.

Surround Yourself with Friends

You should surround yourself with people and friends whom you can talk with about anything under the sun. Sharing that experience that is painful and talking about different things could help you in forgetting the pain for a while rather than dwelling on it.

Talk with People Who Have Undergone the Same Experience

Communicate with people who have also gone through the same experience of coping with grief. This method will help you cope with your loss. This also helps one to understand that it is normal and a part of life.


Ami Shroyer says that this is indeed the best way to start healing after losing a loved one. We become at peace with the fact that our loved one is with our Lord Almighty.

Always remember the spirit doesn't die, and that rebirth was spoken of in the bible and that the soul never dies. Be hopeful that you will meet again with your dear one that passed on, very soon.

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