2015 Toyota Supra, Is It for Real?

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After talking about 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Finally (even it is not final yet), after all of the denial about 2015 Toyota Supra, somehow in the certain of time, this one will be officially released to public. But still, the uncertainty remain since, the official not yet give such notification in detail about this masculine sport car-- even the name of “Supra” still not yet fix. Not to surprise you, but the name is still a mere candidate among series name that will engrave for this adorable sport car. Therefore, let wait the good news from the official about the real thing of this FT-1 concept sport car.

Toyota Supra and Its Masculine Design

Just say, but anyone will fall for the design of 2015 Toyota Supra-- no wonder; the design is just so wonderful. Take its design inspiration from some amazing super car such as Celica, Supra, FT 86 and 2000GT-- its design result can scare its competitors. It is long nose with stylish headlamps and, its muscular line and another thing that build an aggressive image to this sport car. More the combination of red and white color will stun your eyes.

2015 Toyota Supra, Is It for Real?

Toyota Supra Engine

When it comes to the engine, it is only the hybrid mode that is confirmed by the official. Meanwhile for the other engine for 2015 Toyota Supra such as a V-6 3.5L which is capable to boost 350 horse power and 372Nm of torque and the last one is V-8 5I that able to deliver this sport car with 450 horsepower and 520Nm of torque. However, let see what will happen in the future for the thing under the hood since, for now on let do the finger cross and hope that the development phase of this sport car will end soon, hence, everything that revolve around this sport car will clear.

Toyota Supra Price

Even though, it is only a tiny thing about this sport car that is confirmed by the manufacturer, but for any possibility about 2015 Toyota Supra like its interior design and all of its technology features that may exist in the sport car, therefore the estimated price for this futuristic sport car can be something like $40,000 or somehow $60,000. But still, the price also remains uncertain. Simply say, the price can be higher than the estimation or it is possible can be a bit lower. Anyway, some say that this car will be the most adorable Toyota’s sport car for 2015 even though the truth can still be questioned.

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