21 Century Insurance Review

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21 Century insurance is one of the highest ranked insurers based on customer satisfactions in the U.S. Both of their car and home insurances get satisfying ratings from their customers with quick claim processing, good customer services and great value for price. Of course they also receive some complaints as well, but I think we could easily take a look on how well they perform on each category.

Car and Home Insurance from 21 Century Insurance

Although it is still ranked good compared to other car insurance, the 21 Century insurance for cars only scores 79.28 out of 100 points. They get the same scores for claim processing, customer service and value for price, though, which is thanks to the relatively low 21 Century insurance quote. There are 71% of their customers who would recommend the insurance to their families and friends, and 91% of their customers are planning to renew their insurances, so the car insurer is surely quite satisfying for their customers.

The 21 Century insurance receives a higher score for their home insurance product, with 80.79 points out of 100. They get a slightly lower score for the claim processing speed, although their customer service and value for prices remain high. Strangely, although 97% of their customers are willing to renew their insurances, only 58% of them are interested in recommending the insurance to their families and friends.

Disadvantages of 21 Century Insurance

There is no real disadvantage for the insurers except for the slightly slower 21 Century insurance claims for their home product. It also can be caused by many different things and it is always better to get your claim later than never. The 21 Century insurance has proven itself to be a great insurance company for the price value, and if you are looking for lower insurance rate, it might be the company to sign up to.

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