Alternatives to Google Docs You Should Consider

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Alternatives to Google Docs could be needed for several reasons. You might find the user interface not attractive enough. You might find it slow down at some point. You might just not like Google products. Like me, you might be more into sharing everything instead of just your documents. There are several of these suggestions here that I have tried personally, and you will be surprised of what you can get for free nowadays.

The Office Spreadsheets Alternatives to Google Docs

One of the best alternatives to Google Docs for document-editing and word-processing online is Buzzword. It is developed by Adobe, so you can rely on its credibility. The user interface is simple and easy to understand and it is flash-based, so you can easily access it from your browser. Commenting, editing, viewing and even tracking down the history of changes are the great features offered by this program.

Alternatives to Google Docs You Should Consider

Other alternatives to Google Docs spreadsheets are Zoho and Peepel. Zoho is one of those alternatives to Google Docs that offers rich features including an email service, a personal wiki, MS Office-like features and many other tools that one could ever need for collaborating on a project or simple spreadsheets editing. Peepel is great for people who want to do more than a task on one browser. It has windows within the browser that you can use simultaneously without disturbing each other. If you like the idea of opening a spreadsheet, counting on a calculator and emailing people all in the same screen, you will love Peepel’s interface.

Storage Alternatives to Google Docs

Besides sharing and editing documents, one of the reasons people use the application is for keeping their important files on the cloud. For the alternative to Google Docs consider Google Drive, Box, Dropbox or SugarSync. All of these services offer up to 5 GB of storage for free that you can access from anywhere, and they will be perfect as alternatives to Google Docs if you want to sync more than your documents online.

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