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Commerce today depends on transportation logistics. This does not always take place by air charter, as sea and truck freight continue to be popular and cost effective ways of moving large amounts of merchandise across the globe. The logistics of doing this on your own, however, is virtually impossible. From dealing with customs authorities to choosing the most cost effective shipping route, a logistics company can truly become your partner in whatever business you find yourself. To that end, Landstar continually shines above them all.

No matter how complex or simple your shipping needs might be, Landstar is a global logistics company that can help you. They offer a variety of services designed to fit the logistics needs of almost any type of business. This includes a comprehensive air charter network, the ability to offer project cargo services, international airfreight, and ocean shipping services. Whatever your need might be in this genre, you can request a comprehensive quote for shipping service around the globe directly from Landstar’s user friendly website.

Ground Services On Offer

America still moves by truck, as does much of the rest of the world. Landstar is also able to provide superior stepdeck trucking services to clients located across the region. Such a trailer and shipping option is most useful in hauling cargo that typically requires the use of a flatbed trailer. The advantage of this service offered by Landstar lies in its ability to haul a heavier load without need to purchase permits to compensate. This is a logistical issue that saves the client money in the long run, which then increases the bottom line and eventually filters down to the consumer.

When using this type of trucking service, there are a variety of step decks available to accommodate nearly any size and type of cargo. This is another advantage of using such a global and professional transportation logistics company. Even in areas where loading time and traffic within the shipping yard is a major issue, the trailers can be drop shipped directly on site in order to help rectify any problems that might be encountered.

Requesting A Quote

In many cases, there are a variety of options available for shipping cargo. This depends of geographical location, the size of trailer or container needed, and the speed of expected deliver. Through it all, Landstar is in the business of tackling even the most difficult of logistical situations. No matter what challenges might be in the way, they likely have a solution.

For clients that need a specialized quote, or need to discuss all of the logistical options available to them, the process can get started online. Landstar offers a place for current and prospective clients to input their information and requirements. A quote will then be generated and the shipping logistics process can begin from there.


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