The Sport Car Bugatti Veyron

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After talking about All new VW touran now i want to review about bugatti veyron, Bugatti Veyron is one of the new series car that you might be interested to check out. This is the new series which is also one of the car series that is going to be launched in this year, 2015. This is a sport car and also the roadster type vehicles. And if you happen to look for the new car then you might like to check this out. You might like checking out the specification of this new series, the engine of this car and also the interior of this car. Well, you might find the answer of the question as long as you keep reading the article.

The Engine and Specifications 2015 Bugatti Veyron Performance Review

First you might want to know about the engine that powered this car series. Well it is the turbocharged, W16 8.0L type engine with the power up to 1.001 hp and also 922lb-ft of torques. Bugatti Veyron has the engine with the power to weight ration 375.1 W/kg. This car is using the premium as the fuel type. The drive train of this car is AWD and the transmission of this car is 7 speeds automatic and make this car top speed Bugatti Veyron. The fuel economy of this car is up to 41.9 l/100km in the city and 15.6 I/100km in the highway.

The next part of this article is going to present you the information about the performance of this car. You might like to know I about the performance of this car. Well this car has the 0-100 km/h I 2.7 second, while 80-120 km/h is still unknown. The top speed of this car is up to 407 km/h and the breaking distance of this car is 31.4 m. This Latest Bugatti Veyron has the comfortable interior design. Bugatti cars images or photos as you can see on some pictures of it on the internet or some magazine, this car has the enough room for two passengers and also very comfortable seat that can make you enjoy and also save while driving.

And the last one that you might like to know, it is about the price of Bugatti Veyron. Well, as the new car series of course you might wander in order to help you save some of your income to be able to have this amazing sport car. Well, the price of this car is started from $1,495,000 - $1.6685, 000. So, you should make sure to have more than that amount in order to be able to drive this amazing Bugatti Veyron.

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