Top 3 tablet for gaming in 2015

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Tablets have advanced significantly since they first hit the market. Today’s tablets are much more progressive than the original models in that they can perform a myriad of tasks much like a personal computer. One area in which they have advanced is graphics which make some tablets better for gaming whether it’s an online casino game available at sites like or a high end game like Grand Theft Auto.
Apple iPad Air
A thin and lighter version of the iPad, this device is loved by gamers. There are several different storage sizes which means gamers who demand additional storage will be pleased. Keep in mind this tablet doesn’t come with an expandable memory slot due to its thin size. Equipped with powerful A7 and M7 chips, this tablet can make gaming move at an optimal pace.
Sony Xperia Z2
This tablet is a top choice for gaming. With its large screen, it helps users fully appreciate the visual aspect of gaming. The processor has been updated from its predecessor with a Snapdragon 801. Along with this is a massive amount of RAM-3 GB. 1 GB has long been the standard for gaming tablets but this device goes above and beyond.
Samsung Galaxy Tab
This is Samsung’s rival to the iPad which comes with two screen size options- 8.4 inches and 10.5 inches. The battery in this tablet has been improved over other versions. This is important for gamers especially when playing on the go. You don’t want to be in the middle of a roulette game only to find your battery is about to die. With this Android device, gamers can have a reliable and powerful tool for gaming.

Of these three gaming tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is probably the better choice. It does come in different sizes which can provide gamers with what they want. It also has all the required hardware for games to properly function.

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