Toyota Vios– Review and Price stove

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The new 2014 Toyota Vios lacks a doubt an eye-turner, with its brand-new layout and upgraded characteristics; it has everything you require in a trusted city automobile. Toyota is thought about among the most successful automobile producer on the planet, and they are leading the car market in South East Asia. Vios is likewise the most typical car in the Philippines as a result of its dependability and gas effectiveness when driving.

The third generation Vios showcases a fresh make over for both its interior and outside. As a matter of fact, Vios looks outstanding from the side as much as its front end. However, some individuals are not yet accustomed to its new design that they presume it appears like the Honda City.

2014 toyota vios side view

New Design-- Inside and Outside

The 2014 Toyota Vios has two variations, E and G. The E is the conventional version with its typical qualities, while the G variation is more desirable due to its intricate gadgets and it has a more bundled modern-day technology. Both versions have the signs on their retracting side mirrors, standard fog lights and door lock features. Although it coincides functions you see on lots of vehicles on the road today.

For the premium G variation, they installed an "acoustic front windscreen," which is crafted to get rid of street sound and to ensure that you'll have a smooth drive. The vehicle likewise has a considerable front air intake vent, which will certainly supply you the impression that it is gaping at whoever is in front of it.

You'll be disappointed provided that this option is not offered on both the variations if you're anticipating for a reverse electronic cam that will help your automobile parking. Thinking about that most of cars now on the marketplace have this attribute, Toyota has not yet embraced it on their cars.

2014 toyota vios rear view


For the G variation of the 2014 Toyota Vios, you will certainly discover in its front center console the a/c system, 60:40 divided back seat, multi-function steering, and its conventional audio system. Furthermore, in the main console box is the equipment stick, which is a little lightweight on the guidebook alternative unlike in Mazda 3 where the devices stick has that strong feel.

One more significant modification is the dial screens, it went to the center panel on previous variations prior to, now it's discovered at the driver side. In fact, this is an advantage since you not need to turn your head just to see your speed and RPM, you can just look straight and discover all the figures out before you.

The 2014 Toyota Vios now sports a tachometer rev counter and blue-ring backlit speedometer where you will definitely discover all the info you need like the vehicle's fuel usage, odometer and various other fundamental information. Although, among the things that would truly kindly you is the handiwork of its within; the dash is stitch to quality and you can even see some noticeable line of thread that would really bring the details of its workmanship.

2014 toyota vios interior

Accessories and Engine

Depend upon options provided the cost depends for 2014 Toyota Vios. And you might buy the adhering to information. The optional DVD Audio-- Video Navigation (DVD-AVN), reverse video camera. All this will certainly work in driving and you'll like it.

The drive and trivialities

At 1,497 cc, I do not believe we ought to expect much from the Vios. The in-line 4 trips rather smoothly, despite the fact that it was only positioning out 107 equines from the VVT-i engine. My ride was reasonably peaceful and smooth, less those loud clanks and rev sounds that the old Vios has the tendency to produce.

I truly felt that the 4-speed gearbox could be a bit more sleek, as it has the tendency to jump equipments unnecessarily. This was proven after a u-turn I carried out, when the gearbox all of a sudden decided that equipment 2 was a bit too much for me to manage even at 20 km/h, and all of a sudden changed me down to 1, rising the RPM up by a huge level to strike 3,000. When I was decreasing at the lights and selected to move off when more when it turned green, a similar experience. Undesirable fool(s) and noise(s), I need to share.

2014 toyota vios profile 2

If that's reasonable adequate, the fact that it holds a 4-speed drags you for a fair bit particularly when accelerating. So, don't be distressed when your 2nd equipment starts dragging over 40 km/h into the 50 km/h stove.

The boosted VVT-i engine is allegedly a lot more gas trusted compared with the old Vios. The gas container of the new Vios holds a little above 40 litres of unleaded gas, nevertheless unfortunately, I feel it's 4-speed box would certainly not do justice to the fuel consumption. The recorded fuel usage for city driving stands at 15.8 km/l, or 6.3 l/100km, nevertheless at the charge it's dragging its devices throughout take-offs, this would be challenging to obtain.

Toyota has now furthermore consisted of a "ECO" sign to help "smarter" driving-- in their words. It obviously is suggested to permit you to assess your personal driving designs in efforts to save gas, though I was told it is fairly pointless and not trustworthy. My Elantra has that and it does nothing close to simply what it is supposed to.

2014 Toyota Vios Price and Conclusion

The 2014 Toyota Vios cost differs from the tools you order with it. It differs from Euro 17692.16 OR $25,000. When I see the high quality and deluxe of the automobile we could claim that this is a fantastic rate.


Basically, the brand-new Vios is a marvel from Toyota-- and I must commend them for the initiative in this face lift. The drive is considerably smoother and quieter compared with the old one, and it's design and styling 2 levels up. If you're seeking a revitalizing brand-new look that is not as sporty as others in its class, this could be the a lot more "toned-down-yet-still-luxurious" vehicle for you.

2014 toyota vios front

Nonetheless, as I have really mentioned previously, if you're the sort of driver who stresses on minute specifics and perfection in the auto he cares for, probably the Hyundai i30, which has a big handful of modern gadgets, would make a far much better selection for you.

The new 2014 Toyota Vios is without a doubt an eye-turner, with its brand-new layout and upgraded characteristics; it has everything you need in a trusted city automobile. The 2014 Toyota Vios has 2 variations, E and G. Depend upon options offered the price depends for 2014 Toyota Vios. The 2014 Toyota Vios rate varies from the tools you order with it. Basically, the brand-new Vios is a marvel from Toyota-- and I ought to applaud them for the initiative in this face lift.

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